The Features Northender's Can't Live Without 

We polled 250 of our clients to ask them what are the features they cannot live without.  This list is from seasoned Northenders who have lived through all the changes that have happened over the last 15 years.

Laundry In-Unit

Cost can easily exceed $250 a month to use a service or your local laundry matt.  Dragging your clothes around like a college student is something you're going to want to avoid.  Especially when you have to climb over 10 foot snowbanks packed.  

Dedicated Parking

Street parking is terrible and somehow it can get worse during the winter.  The North End has only 1000 parking spots for 3000 parking permits.  Driving around for hours will drive even the most calm people into a uncontrollable rage.  Here is our list of the best parking lots in the North End.

Avoid Tourist Traps

It's hard to live in a city and expect it to be quiet.  That being said, there are certain areas that are almost unbearably loud.  If you live near a 24 hour bakery (like Bova's) or across the street from one of the late night bars like Bricco's, expect to annoyed by the noise levels.  Especially on the weekends.  

Ready To Find That Perfect Home?

If any home will do, you can use a website.  But if you're looking for the right home, at the right price, that's where we come in! 

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